About us

«AlmaTech» (LLP) commenced operations in 2002 in Kazakhstan specializing in the field of information technology. Throughout years of reliable and innovative service, we have developed a reputation as company that never fails to deliver quality and high standards. Our pursuit of constant improvement and quality have allowed our company to grow and continue to push the boundaries of information technology.
Our company has gained significant experience throughout our years of operations and possess all the
necessary resources for solving highly complex tasks demanded both locally and internationally by firms large and small.

«AlmaTech» offers a full range of services to develop, implement and maintain information systems, from the initial planning stage to technical implementation, support and continuous improvement. We provide integrated project implementation, full or partial examination of clients’ sites, automated processes and systems development, system integration, customisation and implementation, training, methodical and organisational support, as well as all of the stated elements separately.

Successfully implemented projects include the creation of biometric and image recognition systems, applications for general use, device drivers, smart-card software, mobile applications and microcontrollers, development and production of integrated microcircuits, conversion of serial vehicles into dedicated mobile control stations for various tasks, system integration of heterogeneous and disparate equipment. Our past successes demonstrate our company’s ability to handle tasks of any level of complexity in the field of information technology.

We apply customised and tailored approaches when working with our clients to build partnerships and collaborations that are mutually beneficial in the long term. We value each and every one of our clients and we do everything possible to improve the efficiency of implemented projects and maximise the return of investments.
«AlmaTech» welcomes cooperation with other companies, honouring partnership obligations for mutually beneficial and constructive work for the benefit of our customers.