Information systems’ performance recovery and operational enhancements

We have extensive experience in disaster recovery and performance improvement of information systems. Similar problems were encountered by customers because of setting errors, design flaws, poor choice of technology platforms, inefficient or lacklustre execution of other IT contractors.

Here are some examples of our successes:
– Integrated bank of Ministry of the Interior data of Republic of Kazakhstan;;
– Unified automated information and telecommunication system of the Agency for Combating Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police);
– transport database and Transport Control Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications RK transportation dynamics monitoring Analysis and Information System;
– biometrical unit of clients face recognition in a process of «home credit and finance bank» (Russia) loan application approval.

We offer optimization services of:

Data sampling and reporting systems by:
– Database tuning
– SQL tuning
– Implementation of procedural layer onto the database for report generation
– Framework development and implementation for sample generation

Data storage through:
– Timely service
– Optimal application index policy
– System Clustering
– Application object, graph and various types of database optimisation methods

Mathematical calculations performance efficiency by:
– Usage of SSE, AVX and CUDA technologies
– Search algorithms to reduce iteratio

Our work can be conducted using either paid or open source solutions such as; Linux operating system, Unix, Windows, Android, iOS; Database MySql, Postgres, Oracle, MsSql; programming languages C, C++, Java, PHP, Object pascal (DELPHI, RAD Studio, embarcadero), Embedded C.

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